Our Technical Support team ensures the smooth running of Kohler SDMO Generating sets around Egypt. They oversees the implementation of installations and acts as an interface for all maintenance operations in Egypt. SDMO power generating sets and electricity production plants are aimed at diverse audiences. Private users will be directed towards portable or domestic power generators from the Portable Power range. Building tradesmen and professionals will find suitable products in the professional Portable Power range, as well as electric pumps and welding sets.


Technical and commercial consultants, TAWAKOL ENTERPRISES LTD has been engaged in promoting Concessions Development project /blocks where our partners and network of consultants can support in the technical and commercial evaluation of the concession and production sharing agreements we also provide a range of technical and commercial services in oil & gas production starting from complete engineering of pumping systems, artificial lifting systems, supply of Pumping units and sucker rods, casing and tubing, and Christmas Tree assembly.

TAWAKOL ENTERPRISES LTD specifies and supplies onshore drilling & work over rigs, whether brand new or refurbished units as a Turn Key Contractor we have the capacity and experience in maintaining your drilling rigs and providing preventive and predictive maintenance solutions. Through our network of suppliers, and as distributor, we are able to source and supply genuine spare parts for all type of rigs of major brand such as National Oil Well, COOPER, IRI, Cardwell, and all type of drilling and work over rigs. As agent for Drilling contractors, and based on our knowledge of the market needs, we work with our international drilling contractor partners together with our local customers to satisfy their drilling programs. We are also capable of providing our international partners with all the drilling services and logistics locally to assure competitiveness and cost optimization without optimizing the quality of service.

As a representative of EPC contractors, TAWAKOL ENTERPRISES LTD has been successfully delivering several Offshore and Sub-Sea projects in the Egyptian market. Starting from FEED study, including the detailed engineering and supply of offshore platforms, top-side process facilities and Process Packages on Turn Key EPC basis. Our organization devices its strength from our ability to provide the maximum local support in engineering, construction and fabrication as might be required for any given project. We are consequently able to greatly augment the performance of our principal in any project. It is our knowledge of USA and European technical specifications and related quality standards that allows us to excel in this field. It is our relationship and affiliation with local engineering and manufacturing contractors that allow us to leverage the local cost effective solutions for major offshore and sub-sea projects resulting in more competitive bidding for our principles as well as effective project management approach.

As manufacture representatives for major European and American manufacturers, we supply a wide range of equipments for Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, and Petrochemical plants such as:
  • Air Coolers & Cooling Towers
  • Process Fired Heaters
  • Complete Process Skid Packages
  • Gas Dehydration Process Packages
  • Mercury Removal Packages
  • Production & Test Separator Packages
  • Low Temp. Separator Packages
  • Reactors, Columns, and Towers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • S&T Heat Exchangers
  • Flare Packages and Burners
  • Sulphur Recovery Plant
  • Incineration Plants
  • Complete Vacuum Systems
  • Indirect Gas Heaters
  • Pressure Reduction Stations
  • Pumps & chemical injection packages
  • Ball, Gate, and Globe Valves
  • Process Filtration Solutions
  • Reactor Guard Filters
  • Process Gas Compressors
  • Dust Gas Filters
  • Pressure Safety Valves
  • Diesel Generator Packages
  • Power Generation Plants

As a local contractor and representative of specialized international maintenance firms our range of services includes:
  • Industrial boiler maintenance
  • Furnace retubing
  • Exchanger and cooling unit retubing
  • Mechanical maintenance (turbines, pumps, compressors, valves)
  • Capacity shutdown in catalytic cracking reaction area (reactors, regenerators, cyclones)


  • Furnace maintenance
  • Retubing
  • Cashing and supporting structure reconditioning
  • Furnace setting reconditioning
  • Burner surveys
  • Furnace mounting

Unit Shutdown

  • Preparation, planning, organization and subcontractor management.
  • Metallurgy, mechanics (boiler and tubing) mounting, cleaning, setting insulation scaffolding, hoisting engineering.